March Counseling Newsletter

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The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) is an organization that defines and lays out five core competencies for social-emotional learning. These competencies help build children's capacity to deal with life's challenges in an effective and productive manner. Below I have outlined each competency and the skills associated with each one. Here at CMP, students are able to build skills related to these five competencies through the Second Step social-emotional curriculum.
  1. Self-Awareness: The ability to understand your own thoughts and emotions, including how they influence your behavior. This also includes recognizing strengths and weaknesses. 
  2. Self-Management: Learning how to manage emotions, thoughts, and behaviors effectively in a variety of situations (Examples: impulse control, stress management, and goal setting).
  3. Social Awareness: Being able to understand the perspectives of others by showing empathy and compassion, as well as respect and appreciation for diversity. 
  4. Relationship Skills: The ability to establish and maintain healthy and supportive relationships with others--collaboration, communication, conflict resolution, and listening.
  5. Responsible Decision-Making: Recognizing consequences of personal choice, decisions, and interactions for the most beneficial outcome.

In order to continue to support your child's social-emotional development in these five areas, I have attached daily discussion topics and independent activities that your child can do on their own or with the help of an adult or older sibling. Each day of the week focuses on one of the five competencies mentioned above. Please feel free to pick and choose discussion topics and activities that sound good to you, or print it out and put it on the fridge for the whole family. Daily discussions like these let your child know it's okay to experience strong feelings and that you are there to support them.

If you'd like additional information about the five competencies, please visit the CASEL website, here.

Miss Sarah


March SEL Lessons

K/1: Fair Ways to Play; Inviting to Join In; Handling Name Calling

2/3: Solving Classroom Problems; Solving Peer-Exclusion Problems; Dealing with Negative Peer Pressure

Upper El: Bystanders to Cyber Bullying; Solving Problems: Part 1; Solving Problems: Part 2

Middle School: Finding the Best Solution; Making Things Right; Unhealthy Relationships
Home Links


K/1: Fair Ways to Play

2/3: Solving Classroom ProblemsDealing with Negative Peer Pressure

Upper El: Bystanders to Cyber BullyingSolving Problems: Part 1Solving Problems: Part 2

Middle School: There are no home links for the middle school curriculum, but Second Step does offer a free website, Parent Teen Connect, with additional resources.


Additional Resources

Helping Kids Deal with Cyber Bullying

Mindfulness: Managing Social Media Stress

Raising Confident Independent Children

Family Conversation Starters

Calming Corner 

Lunch Bunch Schedule



Monday: 12-12:30 K/1


Tuesday: 11:30-12 Upper El

12-12:30 2/3


Wednesday: None


Thursday: 11:30-12 2/3

12-12:30 Upper El


Friday: 11:30-12 Middle School

12-12:30 K/1


*If I need to cancel a lunch bunch, I will post it on the DL website where the links can be found.

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Our Parents As Partners

This is a website with resources for parents to support their child's distance learning. It is complete with tips on motivating children, establishing routines, teaching problem-solving skills, addressing emotional needs, and more. I especially enjoy their page with free printable charts that help with everything from family meal planning to behavior charts to screen time tracking.

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