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     All CMP families should plan for school to be closed through May 1st. For additional information, view the news article here: cacmp.org/News/schoolclosure.

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Welcome to the Apple Class web page. General resources can be found here, but classroom newsletters, permission slips and other specific classroom information is posted to ParentSquare and is only accessible by classroom parents. Please contact the office if you need support accessing your ParentSquare.

Click the 'Apple Class Teaching Team' link on the top left of this page for your teacher's contact information. 

  • Apple Class Week of 3-30-20

    Dear Apple Class Families,

    Your child is invited to an Apple Class Virtual Meeting through Zoom this Wednesday, April 1st, at 10:00 am! We are excited to connect with our class "face-to-face."

    If your child is unable to join us online, please message me if you'd like to arrange a personal phone call.  We'd be happy to connect with your child at a time that works for you!

    As we head into our third week of school closure, we are appreciative of all the photos, videos and communication that is keeping us connected to our Apple families. It is a reminder to all of us how precious the time is that we spent together. We hope that all of you have found a routine that works for you daily. There really is no wrong way, just find what works for you and your schedule.

    We hope that you can use some of the resources we have attached in this post, especially the weekly work plan, as it helps provide routines and choices for learning. Please use what you need and remember to focus on quality over quantity. Your child does not need to do every task on the weekly planner, every worksheet, or use every online tool. Use what you can and please do not hesitate to ask if there is something else you are needing to support learning at home.

    Look for our video offerings for this week coming on Monday. Miss Ryanne will be sharing a wonderful lesson on Montessori Mindfulness and Miss Molly will be sharing a lesson on the Days of the Week.

    We hope you enjoy your upcoming Spring Break and will be rejuvenated when we return back to our Distance Learning on April 14th.

    The Apple Teachers

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