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     All CMP families should plan for school to be closed through May 1st. For additional information, view the news article here: cacmp.org/News/schoolclosure.

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Welcome to the Aspen Class web page. General resources can be found here, but classroom newsletters, permission slips and other specific classroom information is posted to ParentSquare and is only accessible by classroom parents. Please contact the office if you need support accessing your ParentSquare.

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  • Aspen Class Week of 3-30-20

    Hello Aspen families,

    We want to begin by saying "Well done, students and families." We are in this together! Thank you for picking up the language materials at the upper office 2/3 bin to keep our learning current and moving forward. We teachers, our admin team, and superintendent are working behind the scenes as distance learning moves forward. Please check your ParentSquare account daily or download the app to your phone so you will stay informed as the posts and notifications happen. We will continue our distance learning this week with our paper planner. It is attached below.

    While some of our children are working at math abstractly now (in their heads) and occasionally use materials, a good portion use materials. I would like to share a fantastic resource with you. Printable Montessori materials!!!  I'm happy to advise you what material would be the best match-PS message me, text me for advice, or when we have our weekly family check-in time.  http://www.montessorimaterials.org/math.htm 

    We'd like to end by sharing a few pics of what last week looked like at three homes with distance learning. Thank you parents for sending me these pics. The first is Cooper. Cooper and I are having an i-Ready reading lesson together. You would probably laugh (or hopefully cheer) at the creativity of me stacking books and placing my i-pad facing my large desktop screen, so Cooper can view the lesson. The second is Easton's Lego factory which went with his inventor project when he shared everything about the inventor of Legos. The third is Frank who wins hands down for most creative work space ever while doing his technology jobs each day.

    Best to you,
    Mrs. Fagan and Miss Jeni

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