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Welcome to the Laurel Class web page. General resources can be found here, but classroom newsletters, permission slips and other specific classroom information is posted to ParentSquare and is only accessible by classroom parents. Please contact the office if you need support accessing your ParentSquare.

Click the 'Laurel Class Teaching Team' link on the top left of this page for your teacher's contact information. 

  • Laurel Class Week of 3-30-20

    Dearest Laurel Families,

    We are so happy with how each one of our families have dug in and created a loving, learning environment for each one of your kids. Everyone's environment is different, just like in our classroom. There are a few things we want you to focus on for the coming week.

    One is care of environment- and decorating for the Spring season that came upon us so quickly. Decorate your home with drawings of April Showers, May spring flowers, rabbits and all things SPRING.

    Amazing work on iReady this week! Almost all the kiddos are showing at least 45 minutes of Reading and Math.
    Our next goal would be to include the 30 minutes of Rosetta Stone too!

    We hope you love Razkids. What a great resource for the kids to listen to books and learn about all different subjects. Please answer the questions which follow the reading too!

    I have attached some small talk discussion cards for some family fun! Also, attached is the rest of the math homework pages for the year. These are not required but wanted to make them available for those who wanted them.

    Also, please try the "math meeting," video. You will need a pencil and a piece of paper. Use colorful pencils for your annotate (drawings). Remember, pause the video, so you can try to solve before looking at the answer.
    Chunk- circle the question that is being asked
    Annotate- draw a picture to show how to solve the equation
    Solve- show a math equation
    Explain- in a complete sentence- please

    Good Luck!! We are missing you all and are here to help in anyway, Mrs. Ritchie and MIss Jennifer

  • SRA Comes Home to You-RAZKids 3-24-20

    Hi everyone, we have set up a program- https://www.raz-kids.com/. Your child will have the opportunity to both listen to and read stories. Then, they will answer questions related to the book. You can also access by logging onto razkids and hit Kids Login (Green square)

    Our teacher number is rritchie3. Click on your name and the Password is 123cmp. On the main page, you will click reading, and then level up!

    There is also an option for Reading Room. Let's focus on the Level-up first. If you go to Reading room the circles allow you to move around the program, reading a variety of books.

    Under each book title, there is a speaker (to listen), a book (to read the story by yourself), and a question mark. You cannot click on the question mark until you have read the story. The question mark allows you to check your understanding. Be careful to answer the questions correctly!! 

    I am excited that we will have something similar to our SRA's to do at home.

    Have fun, and let me know if you have any questions!!

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