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     All CMP families should plan for school to be closed through May 1st. For additional information, view the news article here: cacmp.org/News/schoolclosure.

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Welcome to the Pine Class web page. General resources can be found here, but classroom newsletters, permission slips and other specific classroom information is posted to ParentSquare and is only accessible by classroom parents. Please contact the office if you need support accessing your ParentSquare.

Click the 'Pine Class Teaching Team' link on the top left of this page for your teacher's contact information. 

  • Pine Class Week of 3-30-20

    Hello Pine Families,

    Your child is invited to a Pine Class Virtual Meeting through Zoom this Wednesday, April 1st, at 10:00 am! Miss Laura and I are excited to connect with our class "face-to-face."

    If your child is unable to join us online, please message me if you'd like to arrange a personal phone call. I'd be happy to connect with your child at a time that works for you!

    As we head into our third week of school closure, I thought I'd share a few more resources, some words of wisdom, and a few sweet pictures of students learning at home. I've attached the weekly work plans, as this can help establish routines and provide many work options. You will also find attached printables to support the work plan suggestions.

    Hopefully, you are finding a routine that works for your family. Utilize the planners I've attached for a more detailed weekly work guide. Keep in mind, children working at home may have a much shorter work session without all of the transitions at school. You may realize that your child is done with their work more quickly than you planned for. In that case, let them play! After all, "Play is the work of the child." -Maria Montessori

    To those of you who are helping your children carve out some time each day for schoolwork, we commend you! To those of you who have just been trying to adjust to the "new normal," we understand. Please know that our communication with you is meant to be a support, not a stress. If there is anything more we can do to support your child's learning at home, please send us a message via ParentSquare. We are committed to supporting you during this time.

    Miss Amber and Miss Laura 

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