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     All CMP families should plan for school to be closed through May 1st. For additional information, view the news article here: cacmp.org/News/schoolclosure.

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Welcome to the Cypress Class web page. General resources can be found here, but classroom newsletters, permission slips and other specific classroom information is posted to ParentSquare and is only accessible by classroom parents. Please contact the office if you need support accessing your ParentSquare.

Click the 'Cypress Class Teaching Team' link on the top left of this page for your teacher's contact information. 

  • Cypress Week of 3-30-20

    Hi Cypress Families,

    It was so nice to talk to you all last week on the phone and more personally connect. Thank you for signing up and being available. I know that there are SO many Parent Square messages being sent out, so please reach out to me if you feel lost or scrambled. We will figure it out! I wanted to share a couple topics to keep you informed:

    STEAM Projects:

    I know our students have worked hard on their STEAM project this past month and I would like to honor their effort and creativity. I ask that students email or share their completed projects with me before Friday, April 3 so that I can honor and enjoy the work that they have done. Please see below for specific details:

    • If your project presentation was completed on a Google Slide, please share the slideshow with me at: 
      • cpeterson@cacmp.net
    • If you used a Power Point, please email the presentation to me at:
      • cpeterson@cacmp.org
    • If you created a poster, please take pictures and email those to me as well.

    I understand that this is not how we had initially planned to share our students' amazing work, but I would like to make the most of it. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

    Google Classrooms

    Each student has been invited to Google Classroom through their google .net account. They will have several invites to attend different classes. Students should expect to be invited to a grade level math and language class, grade level history and science class, and their regular Cypress class page. They are familiar with this format as they have used in the past with Mr. Kevin. If they have any trouble logging in, please reach out to me at cpeterson@cacmp.org and I will walk them through it. As we potentially move to a more long term distance learning situation, these Google Classrooms will help us provide meaningful lessons and extension work for our students. Please be looking for more detailed information and instructions from our tech department.

    The algorithm for the students google login information is: firstnamelastname@cacmp.net. For example, if I was a student, I would be: calebpeterson@cacmp.net

    Students- your password is the same password that you use to get into your Chromebook.

    I hope you are doing well, and finding ways to stay academically engaged and challenged. I also hope that you are learning new and exciting life skills too.

    With regards,


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