Cross Country (3rd-8th)

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When: August - October

Who: 3rd - 8th grade boys and girls

Coaches: Tom Freer ( and Heather Freer


 Cross Country Waiver

 CMP Athletic Expectations-Contract

2019 Cross Country Schedule


Here is the text from Mrs. T.'s first cross country ParentSquare. If you have a child on the team and would like to be added to the ParentSquare group for ongoing updates, please email Miss Monica at 

Welcome to Cross Country 2019!  We are THRILLED to have your runner on the team!

There is a LOT of information below. Please read through it (with your athlete, too).  Thank you!

First of all, many thanks to Coach Tom Freer for sharing his time and passion for running!

What to expect?
For anybody new to XC, expect organized chaos for the first couple of meets. :)

Meets begin at 3:30. Runners usually arrive by 3pm. There is usually the option of walking the course ahead of time but this is not mandatory.
Most venues are tight on parking so please carpool when you are able.

Paperwork is due to the office before your runner may practice on Wednesday 8/28. It's available online and paper copies are also in the Upper Campus office.  There is a waiver, a $25 donation request, and a Student Athletics Expectations Agreement.  Nobody will be turned away for financial reasons.  Kindly email Kaylee Meinz ( should you require an athletics scholarship.  THANK YOU!

Athletes in Middle School must maintain a minimum of a "C" in each class in order to compete. Younger runners are expected to complete their jobs and homework to compete.

Sportsmanship is of the UTMOST importance to our School Culture and Athletics Program.  Athletes should cheer on others (from CMP and other schools), shake hands after races, keep arms and elbows to themselves while on the course, and behave in a manner that represents themselves, their families, and CMP with the greatest respect and sportsmanship, always.

CMP provides the jerseys. Runners should have good fitting running shoes, shorts, and a large water bottle for all practices and meets.

Race Order: (note that times listed are VERY "ish"
Races are generally run in the following order (occasionally a school will run girls first):
3rd grade girls 3:30

3rd grade boys 3:50ish
4th girls 4:10ish
4th boys 4:35 ish
5th girls
5th boys
6th girls
6th boys
7th/8th girls and boys depend on the head count
Depending on the head count, races might be combined (either grade level or gender).

3/4 mile for 3rd grade
Mile for 4/5/6 grades
1.5 mile for 7/8 grades (these races are almost always combined in some way)

Practices and meets are also listed on the CMP website.

We will practice Mondays and Wednesdays until 4:`15pm 'til meets begin and then just on Mondays (likely we will do an optional Friday morning 7:45am practice beginning 9/13 but watch for confirmation, please).

9/11 at Valley View (ERD) Be AT Valley View by 3pm.
9/18 at Pleasant Valley 2:15 release-SUPER tight parking-please carpool
9/25 NO MEET/ERD-practice until 1pm today for grades 3-6 (MS is in Yosemite)
10/2 at Gold Trail (2:30 release-parking is SUPER tight here, carpool if you can)
10/9  at CMP-ERD and we need all parents to be ready to help at the finish line or monitoring the course
10/15 County Finals at the EDC Fairgrounds 2pm release (note that not everyone may compete at the Finals-seven runners from each age group/gender may run in the Finals)
There is a $3 per adult and $1 per child (over age 8) admission cost for the County Finals (no cost for athletes)

Otter Pops are a cool treat for after our meets.  If you're willing to provide 100 pops for a meet, kindly message me and I'll create a schedule.  You can bring them to the meet, frozen (and with a few pair of scissors )and we can return your ice chest to you if you have a younger runner and don't want to stay 'til the end.  THANK YOU!

PRACTICES (all on Upper 'til 4:15 except the ONE ERD practice which ends at 1pm)
9/16 TEAM PHOTOS today-wear or bring your jersey-photos about 3:30 on Upper Campus bleachers and then practice 'til 4:15
9/25 (ERD and MS in Yosemite)
Team Party TBD (aiming for 10/16 'til 4:15 but we will confirm when it gets closer). Pizza, medals, and team photos are provided.

Here's to a FABULOUS running season!

Take good care,

Mrs. T (Desiree)
and Mr. Tom (Coach Tom)